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Encompass Group, LLC was founded in 2008. We are in the business of sharing non-traditional wealth accumulation strategies for individuals and sound business operation planning for business owners. Working with our clients, we show them how to achieve THEIR financial goals and retain more of what they’ve earned. We do this by educating & consulting and sharing strategies they didn’t have knowledge of, using traditional financial strategies.


We look for successful individuals who are interested in keeping more of what they make.

We look to collaborate with selected organizations who are interested in ensuring that their alumni / members are successful by sharing business strategies and bringing substantial value to their members.

We look to assist business owners to work ON their business, not just IN their business.


We believe that people don’t know what they don’t know.

We believe that the information that has been shared with many of us has been skewed to benefit others and not us.

We believe that the information that the nations wealthy know about, should be shared with everyone.

We believe that with proper planning, the wealth that we work so hard for, should be utilized by who WE decide.

We believe that regardless of when you want to start to exit your career, the strategies you implement will put you in a much better financial position

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