Brian P. Michaud, CLTC, Managing Partner

Brian P. Michaud, CLTC, Managing Partner

Brian started Encompass Group in 2008. Before that, he owed and operated a construction company for 17 years. The economic downturn in 2007 and 2008 lead to him closing that business.

When he started Encompass Group, he worked with business owners on enhancing their employee benefits. As the relationship between Brian and the business owner grew, he found that, just about all of them, had the same issues (many of which he had when he was running the construction company). Regardless of their industry, their issues were VERY similar. They were working IN their business, not ON their business.

Since 2010, Brian has been working with business owners sharing with them proven strategies that help them run more smoothly, make them more efficient and prepare for them to exit.

  • Graduated Windsor Locks High School in 1991.
  • Started Michaud’s Landscaping, Inc in 1991
  • Transitioned to Michaud Construction Services, LLC in 1996 until 2007.
  • Started Encompass Group in 2008.
  • Opened Trust Encompass in 2020
  • Opened Consult Encompass in 2021.

Having been in business for myself since graduating high school, I’ve known the good, the bad and the ugly… when it comes to running a business. Putting everything on the line in starting a business, getting married, buying a home, starting a family and making sure it happened. There is NO education that can teach a business owner what it takes to run a business. Between running a business and working with business owners and helping them be more successful, my goal is to be sure that THEY are as financially successful as they could be.

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