Traditional Planning has taught us:

  • Accumulate money in traditional retirement accounts (401(k), 403(b) or an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) are the best way to save for retirement.
  • That when we retire, we will be in a lower tax bracket.

TRUTHS: Utilizing Traditional Planning:

  • Your advisor will share in 20-25% of your retirement.
  • To be in a lower tax bracket, you will need to report LESS income. What area of your lifestyle will you be cutting back on to be in a lower tax bracket?

Encompass Group Long View

  • We can “postpone” paying taxes when we go to use our retirement accounts.
  • Chasing Rates-of-return is a good way to grow for our retirement.
  • Banks are the best resources to turn to when we need money.
  • Paying off your home is the best strategy to have.
  • If we have no debt but mainly utilize a 401(k) or IRA for our retirement accumulation, we are debt free.

The Long View on Taxes

  • If you believe taxes will be going up, you postponed paying (a KNOWN amount of) taxes for a(n) (UNKNOWN) higher amount.
  • Paying off your home will kill one of the last tax deductions that you may have.
  • The government OWNS a percentage of your 401(k) or IRA. How much?



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