Kristin P. Kasabucki, External Relations

Kristin P. Kasabucki, External Relations

Kristin joined us in 2020 after retiring from a 15-year leadership role as CEO of the Connecticut Chiropractic Association and brings to the table 40 plus years of nonprofit and for-profit business management to the Encompass Group. 

She brings extensive organizational and association management skills in philanthropic development, board development and strategic planning in the areas of healthcare, business, education and non-profit organizations/associations.  Her experience in guiding an organization/business through a process and developing a strategic plan to provide structure for future business activities has been invaluable.  Her attention to detail has been her grounding stone as she says “The old saying that the devil is in the details and if you don’t express where you want to go, how do you know how to plan to get there…”  She has been referred to as the strategist component to the organizations she works with professionally or in a volunteer capacity.  Her ability to listen to someone express their vision and thoughts and then bring that information back into a working document to move forward has been one of her strengths.  She believes with any board, for profit and not for profit – do not leave your business hat outside when you step into a board room.  She tells those she works with that she is the “Conduit”, taking what boards or individuals would like to do and assisting them in making it happen with clarity and success.

Kristin resides in Cromwell, CT and graduate of Dallas High School’77 (PA) and the University of Pittsburgh Bradford’81 She is also a graduate of Leadership Greater Hartford Executive Series ’99, Leadership Lackawanna Executive Series ’93 and Leadership Wilkes-Barre ’91.


Many times I look back and say to myself, if I knew then what I know & understand now, oh the places I could have taken the members of my organizations beyond their imaginations. That is why I am constantly a student to be able to pass along to those I connect with. This is why I came out of retirement and joined Encompass Group to pass along information that is so timely and not being shared with business owners.

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