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Who We are

Encompass Group, LLC is a consultative based firm that helps individuals clearly understand the implications of decisions that they have made and will continue to make. Encompass Group doesn’t sell a product. We educate people so they can make smart financial decisions that put them in full control of THEIR wealth. We share with people what we do. We tell people WHY and who we do it with. And at the end of the conversation, we will see if there is an opportunity to work together.

Our Strategy

Encompass Group works with individuals who are open to learn. We want to assist people with proper planning strategies, so they can keep more of what they earn.

There are 2 things that will derail anyone’s financial situation, during their retirement; the unknown of taxes and a health situation that requires you to need some sort of care and assistance. We can eliminate those two unknowns. We also will share why we believe that traditional wealth accumulation strategies benefit the government, banks and traditional financial advisors, MORE than you.

Our Team

The Encompass Group Team brings over 66 years collectively of business development skills. Combined, they have experience in the for-profit world as well as the not-for-profit arena. Working with individuals to assist them in accomplishing THEIR goals, whether it be a more successful business operation or philanthropic goals. What they have realized is that whether you are in business for yourself, or you are assisting others to be successful, we are all in business to be come as successful as we can.

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