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PRINCIPLES What We Stand For

Encompass Group recognizes that we (United States Citizens) have been misled. We’ve been told by our government, banks and the financial services industry that traditional planning strategies are the best way to accumulate wealth. We disagree whole heartedly. The reason they don’t want you to know what we share: The more YOU know, the LESS they get paid.

The non-traditional financial consulting / strategies we share with individuals and businesses put them in COMPLETE control of their wealth. The strategies we share have been utilized by the nations’ wealthiest people, since 1913.




We believe that where people are currently putting their money, to build wealth, is the total opposite from what they want their money to do.


We believe that it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of banks, Wall Street, the government and the financial services industry (yes…my industry). The reason… the more people know, the LESS THEY get paid.


We believe in showing people strategies to grow their wealth in ways that they’d always have access to it, takes and fees won’t erode, the roller coaster of Wall Street has no bearing on it and it allows it to do double and triple duty.


We do this by showing our clients how to MAXIMIZE cash flow and legacy distribution, while being in a position to lessen their losses, lower their taxes, and minimize fees and to not be beholden to the banks.

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